A responsible energy company

The challenge of energy precariousness

Integrated player of Energy in France, Direct Energie is aware of its responsibilities: energy accessibility, energy savings or development of renewable energies. The group commits itself in a clear and concrete way.

As the founder the A.N.O.D.E (Association Nationale des Détaillants en Energie) and member of the UFE (Union Française de l’Electricité), the Group is committing itself to all matters that have a social impact.

Direct Energie notably intervened so that the electricity “social tariff” could be proposed by new suppliers, following the exemple of those already existing for gas.

The possibility to offer the TPN (Tarif de Première Nécessité) for every supplier is one of the dispositions planned by the Brottes Law, published at the Official Journal on April 14th 2013.

To fight against the energy precariousness

Direct Energie supports customers in energy precariousness situation via:

  • A preventive support: advising initiatives, in order to consume better (to promote eco-friendly actions), engagement towards a better invoicing (automatic electricity and gas meters, monthly bills);
  • A curative support: use of social tariffs, the nomination of united correspondents, creation of a social department, seeking of solutions for friendly settlements especially in facilitated payments.

Focus on the social department: an eleven-persons-team reachable through mail, email or landline phone, which is in daily communication with customers or social workers to find solutions to the difficulties encountered by some customers. This team is also dedicated to excessive debt cases.

To promote an environment-respectful consumption

Direct Energie allows its customers to commit themselves in favour of the planet with its offer 100% Pur Jus that compensate 100% of electricity consumption of its residential & businesses customers with the use of certified provenance guarantees that the electricity injected on the supply network, equivalent to customer consumption, is from 100% renewable energy generation means.