Our Values

Values that animate us

[Free / Forward-thinking / Energy addicted / Intimate, simple, and a listener / Information leaders]

The Group Direct Energie federates its teams around a shared conviction that the world of Energy is at the dawn of a revolution. Collaborators have the purpose to embody the Group’s vision that wishes to get involved by reinventing the relationship between French people and Energy through the company’s values that are identical with the brand’s values.

Those who decided to join Direct Energie adopted the 5 values, which inspire them day-to-day. This strong identity makes of Direct Energie an original player in the Energy sect

Our values:

Free: to decide our expression lands, our projects, and our moments. We must question norms, shake up codes, conventions and habits.

Forward-thinking: we are the firsts to commit ourselves in the market revolution. The change is necessary for consumers; we have the duty to lead it.

Energy addicted: we are proud to produce and sell a magical product, we hold our different jobs with the same passion, and we understand and anticipate new uses.

Intimate, simple, and a listener: we want to understand consumers, their behaviours and uses, to accompany the change with professionalism and clarity, to inspire with confidence and hold ourselves with dignity.

Information leaders: French people cannot stay in obscurity, we hold our responsibilities, with clarity, sincerity and pedagogy, and we use all means available to teach and inform.