Over one million customers yet

Direct Energie supplies electricity and natural gas to over one million customers – residentials, businesses, local authorities – with offers suited to the needs of each one: savings, renewable energies, fixed prices, assistance, Energy saving certificate (CEE)…

Designated for the 8th year in a row “Elu Service Client de l’année” in the “Electricity and Gas Supplier” category, Direct Energie distinguishes itself by the importance given to the daily accompaniment of its customers.


Direct Energie supplies 1 075 098 residential customers who, since the opening of the market in 2007, chose an alternative energy supplier for electricity. Also being gas supplier, the company can therefore be the only interlocutor with its customers with a simple promise, whatever the chosen offer: a discount percentage guaranteeing an inferior price compared with the current regulated price established by public authorities and commercialised by historical operators.

Direct Energie also develop services, assistance and innovation, to the benefit of its customers.

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Direct Energie supplies 212 775 businesses. Those customers (e.g.: artisans, retailers, liberal professions and small & middle-size businesses, with less than 10 sites). They are representatives of the numerous sectors and professions: restaurants, hairdressers, butchers…

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Direct Energie supplies 100 000 sites. These “companies customers”, each of which count more than 10 points of electricity delivery (PDL), can be networks of retailers, financial agencies or also relay antennas, they are called multi-sites customers.

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Local authorities

Since 2003, Direct Energie supplies many counties among which Caen and Versailles. The Group reinforce regularly its position on that customer segment with, among others, the signature of a contract with SIPPEREC (Syndicat Intercommunal de la Périphérie de Paris pour l’Electricité et les réseaux de communication), the SDEC (Syndicat Intercommunal d’énergies du Calvados), the major city of Grenoble or public facilities such as the maritime port of Le Havre.

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The great industrials and commercials consumers

D3E (joint venture between Direct Energie and the Swiss energy operator EBM Enterprises) makes competitive and personalized offers, mono or multi energies, to the customers benefitting from green electricity prices and possessing a monthly, daily or hourly gas meter reading frequency.

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