New Generation capacities

Accompanying the energy transition
with less-CO2-emitting technologies

Integrated actor in energy in France, Direct Energie acts in generation and supply of electricity, gas supply, and energy services to customers. Our integrated model responds to several objectives: secure the supply of energy, optimise its costs, and develop flexible generation capacities…

Investing in new generation capacities

Direct Energie follows an ambitious industrial strategy of development of generation capacities. In February 2012, the consortium between Direct Energie and Siemens, won a call for tender organised by the French State, for the building of a Combined Cycle Gas Turbine (CCGT) of 400 MW in Landivisiau.

Hambrégie, subsidiary of Direct Energie, develops a project of a CCGT in Hambach, Moselle. The Group also created a consortium along with AXPO, first Swiss hydroelectricity operator, for the tender of  hydroelectric concessions.

A diversified mix to facilitate the energy transition

A diversified energy mix allows a transition towards a more sober energy system of which, one of the stakes is to favour the competition in the industry and to protect the purchasing power of households.

CCGTs are, with renewable energies, an essential component of the energy mix, to answer to fluctuations of electricity consumption. The tender of hydroelectric concessions also presents a fundamental importance. In fact, on the occasion of the introduction of competition, those concessions will have to guarantee security measures for the supply of the French market. Moreover, future concession holders will invest and maintain the profits of the “hydroelectricity income” to the benefit of consumers on the national territory.